Contaratos Beach
    Elegance is about good taste and good taste brings good quality.

    Contaratos Beach hotel with the elegant Cycladic architecture overlooking the turquoise waters of the Aegean and located by the beachside town of Naoussa in Paros, invites travelers to experience a truly magical stay.

    Trust the luxury and simplicity of our hotel.

    The guests of Contaratos Beach have the opportunity to enjoy true luxury and simplicity in perfect harmony and surrender to the luxurious facilities tailored to their needs and desires and experience a luxurious stay.

    A sweet welcome offering all amenities & harmony ...

    Inspired by the hospitality of the Greeks since Homer’s time, our hotel, Contaratos Beach, in a landscaped area with the best hosts and the sweetest welcome, offers all the amenities, harmony and relaxation.

    Enjoy unique experiences in your Cycladic getaway.

    Escape to the absolute blue of the Aegean Sea and live unique experiences in your Cycladic getaway. Capture the most beautiful moments in our luxurious hotel and enjoy the best vacations with your loved ones.


The philosophy of the people of Contaratos beach Hotel, is governed by principles that make their work unique and reliable offering their guests unique experiences.

The philosophy of Contaratos Beach Hotel is based:

  • In providing high-quality accommodation services, inspired by the authentic Greek hospitality.
  • In creating accommodations which combine luxury with simplicity.
  • In employing people with experience, but also young people who want a career in the hospitality sector.
  • In creating hotel services that ensure an excellent accommodation to their guests.
  • In creating hotel units that fully respect the environment in which they operate.
paros hotel - Contaratos Beach

Contaratos Beach Hotel offers guests luxurious &  professional services that exceed their expectations. The discreet elegance, comfort, the spacious rooms & suites, the excellent service, but also the specialized facilities & services for the professional guest, make it an ideal choice of stay in Naoussa of  Paros.

paros hotel - Contaratos Beach

Overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea, Contaratos Beach hotel invites guests to dream whilst enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and the personalized services in an earthly paradise of romance. Share your dream with us and we will do everything possible to realize it.

paros hotel - Contaratos Beach

Contaratos Beach, a  luxury hotel in the seaside, offers luxurious facilities and services to all guests. The modern hotel facilities highlight the unique character of the island and reflect the Cycladic elegance and the stunning colors of Paros.